Founding Partners

Saad Hassan - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nvestiv - President of Hassan Family Office, Toronto

Saad Hassan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Saad is the President of the Hassan Family Office, and the founder of Nvestiv. As an investment veteran that has facilitated over $10 Billion in deals for his partners, Saad identified a fundamental absence of technology in the way capital is allocated. His vision is to create the world's first and most integrated ecosystem of investors, issuers, and advisors dedicated to democratizing access to capital and enhancing the way the private alternative investments industry collaborates.

Paul Iannazzo

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Paul has been involved in building a variety of Fintech startups/web-apps. His technical experience and financial knowledge are a convenient match for tackling Nvestiv's technical challenges. Paul also has a strong interest in many areas of computer science, including: Machine learning; Constraint solving; Parsers/Grammars; etc...

Paul Iannazzo- Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Nvestiv

Executive Team

Alisha Gardonis- Chief Operating Officer of Nvestiv, CM, Chartered Marketer

Alisha Gardonis

CM, Chief Operations Officer

Alisha's role is to make things simpler and respond to customer needs in a meaningful, useful and empathetic manner. Growing up in New Zealand and Australia with a digital marketing background Alisha Gardonis, COO at Nvestiv Capital, learned by the meaning of necessity to adjust the whim's strategies and adapt to immediate consumer needs in ways never before thought possible. With the ability to help Nvestiv shift strategy to focus on customer growth and retention and find new avenues to grow, it is important to be resilient. "It isn't always easy to stay flexible with rapidly changing conditions in the alternative investments industry. Our aim is to balance empathy for customers and employees to ensure we make the tough calls to do what is right for the business.

Elle Buetow

Managing Director

Elle is the Managing director at Nvestiv. With an entrepreneurial background of over 20 years, starting, developing, building and executing successful new business ventures, Elle understands the importance of putting together a good, solid team to work alongside with, to nurture existing relationships and to advocate for strategic partnerships and joint ventures. As a published artist, Elle has an eye for detail and a creative approach to find solutions to generate new business and ways to keep the team motivated.

Elle Buetow- Global Head of Manager Selection

Engineering Team

Fiona Lan- Full Stack Developer

Fiona Lan

Full-stack Developer

Fiona is our full stack developer and she is also the youngest member in our team. she is a proud graduate of Lighthouse Lab Web Development Bootcamp. Fiona is passionate about building first-class web applications and enjoys translate beautiful UI/UX designs to functional web applications.

Funding Partner

Hassan family Office led by Saad Hassan Toronto

Hassan Family Office is a single family that co-invests with other families using private capital. Located in Toronto, Canada, the organization invests internationally into multiple verticals including equities, debt, real assets, and emerging technologies.