IRIS provides investors with AI summaries of your datarooms

AI processes your inputs and files- learns about your deal Investors can chat with IRIS about your deal to help them make decisions

Shaves away 80% of the time needed to review a deal


Deal highlights the way investors want to see them

File upload checklist so that you don’t miss anything

We render each dataroom the same way everytime, creating consistency and familiarity for investors

UNIQUE LINKS- In app sharing

Send datarooms directly from the Nvestiv app Unique links for each recipient

Recipients can add collaborators in their link such as lawyers, consultants, accountants, etc.


Control whether recipients can download your files or must view them online

Always have full control over links. Turn a link off if you feel your data is compromised


Built-in NDAs that recipients must e-sign in order to access files

No more paper NDAS, or PDFs sent over emails


Set the beginning state of your datarooms: Full open, restricted, hybrid

Automate CRM and funnel updates based on recipient actions.


Share analytics: Verified emails, sent, opened, clicked, visits, file downloads, and much more!

Heat Maps: Aggregate user trends such as hotspots and heatmaps

Session Recordings: entire screen recordings of every visitor and their activities.

Collaboration & Communication

Thread style communication in each DataRoom so that your due diligence conversations stay in one place

Manage your conversations with all investors in one place with in app chat feature.

Let your investors ask specific questions by tagging files, and be able to respond quickly and effectively to drive conversion