Issuers send 400+ DataRooms throughout a raise.

Nvestiv lets them do it right.

Creating and sharing DataRooms is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

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Ugly DataRooms make for ugly results

Based on a survey of 1,456 Multi-Family Office Investors on IRIS: Engagement drops when data rooms are disorganised and lack clear formatting.

Unorganized files make it hard for investors to find key information

Badly named files cause confusion and require more clicks

If the data room layout is not intuitive, investors exit and move on to look at another deal.

ugly datarooms- Nvestiv Saad Hassan Toronto
Nvestiv makes your deals stand out

We know what investors are looking for, and we intuitively highlight the key items for them.

We provide a checklist of files to upload and guide you in building the perfect dataroom.

We present your data in a clean, attractive format to increase engagement rates

Deal analytics- Nvestiv by Saad Hassan Toronto
Analytics that accelerate your raise

What happens after you send your files? The most frustrating part is wondering if investors looked at your data room.

Nvestiv tracks advanced analytics that give you insight into how investors are interacting with your files

  • 1. Who is looking at your data room?

  • 2. For how long?

  • 3. Did they download your files?

  • 4. Did they share your files with anyone else?

  • 5. Did they click on embedded links and videos?

  • 6. Where was their attention and mouse focussed most?

  • 7. Session recordings of each visit

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