WE BELIEVE in an alternative investments ecosystem powered by technology

Nvestiv is an alternative investments ecosystem committed to building technology that connects wealth with deals. Our specialty is private placements of capital - not public markets. IRIS lets our network of investors source, qualify, and conduct due diligence on the right types of deals that match their investment criteria.

What EXACTLY Does Nvestiv Do?

Nvestiv leverages technology and artificial intelligence to streamline the process of raising and allocating capital.

It is a medium on which investment data analysis leads to matches between investors and sponsors.

We are a specialized team of dealmakers and advisors that facilitates investments by converting capital introductions into lasting relationships.

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Ever wonder why investors aren't interested in reviewing your dataroom?

At Nvestiv we make it easier for you to create and share structured DataRooms that investors will appreciate. We also provide insightful analytics on how investors are interacting with the files in your DataRooms.


  • Investors set their investment criteria and qualify investment opportunities

  • Sponsors, Startups, and Brokers list their opportunities in detail

  • IRIS uses artificial intelligence to match and connect investors with Sponsors, Startups, and Brokers looking to raise capital.

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Our Competitive Edge

Our dedication to investor privacy encourages investors to disclose 85+ touchpoints about their investment criteria

Our investors choose who they want to connect with and when

Capital raisers can create comprehensive profiles and DataRooms for evaluation

Nvestiv uses a proprietary algorithm to aggregate and analyze user data, connecting capital raisers with the right investors.

We leverage our network of brokers and dealmakers to facilitate due-diligence and streamline investments

competitive edge- Nvestiv Saad Hassan Toronto

Our Users


Institutional Investors expand icon

Public Pensions, Private Pensions, Endowments, Foundations, Insurance Companies, Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Private Investors expand icon

Single Family Offices, Multi-family Offices, Registered Investment Advisors, Hedge Funds, Corporations, and Accredited Individual Investors.

Asset Managers

Real Estate Firms expand icon

Multi-family, Commercial, Mixed Use, Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Manufactured Housing, Senior Housing, Student Housing, Healthcare/Medical, Storage, Masterplanned Communities, Agricultural, Land Development, etc.

Private Debt expand icon

Mezzanine, Bridge, Long Term loans, etc.

Venture Capital expand icon

Early-stage, Mid-stage, Late-stage, Biotech, Health/Pharma, Tech, FinTech, Lifestyle, AgTech, etc.

Commodities expand icon

Food, Oil & Gas, Solar, Biofuels, Timber, Precious Metals, Agriculture, etc.

Service Providers

Brokers expand icon

Placement Agents, Capital Advisors, Asset Brokers

Fund Support expand icon

Legal, Accounting, Fund Administrators, Advisors, Consultants, Outsourced CIOs

Real Estate Support expand icon

Brokers, Property Managers, Developers