About Nvestiv

A revolutionary new investment platform that addresses a glaring inefficiency in the alternative Investments market- the lack of transparency & coordination between investor appetites and investment vehicles raising capital.

Simply put: Nvestiv reduces your cost, time and money, of business development

What exactly does Nvestiv do?

Harnessing the power of our proprietary algorithm, Nvestiv aggregates data from private and institutional investors such as their investment criteria, thesis, appetites and immediate mandates to intelligently cross-reference the database for funds and investment opportunities that are a natural fit for their portfolios.

Investors are recommended perfectly qualified and vetted Money Managers, and Managers are directed to the investors that have a specific need for their products.

In the closed door culture of the Investment industry, Nvestiv is the one-stop marketplace for private and institutional investments.

By prioritizing Demand and constraining Supply, we ensure everyone's success. Our investors tell us everything about their needs, which once aggregated and analyzed, serve as our rubric for onboarding new deal flow. If your deal doesn't fit our demand profile, it has no place on the Nvestiv platform.

Poised to become the neural network of Alternative investments, join the universe of Family Offices, Institutional Investors, Registered Investment Advisors, and Money Managers who are putting themselves back in the driver's seat.

Let Nvestiv help you control your own destiny!

What is our competitive edge?

Nvestiv aggregates user input data from both capital raisers and capital allocators - matching using a proprietary algorithm developed by our Founders.

This flow of data is processed by our artificial intelligence engine, creating a neural net of data and analytics that actually learns as more information is presented. Day by day, Nvestiv gets smarter!

We created a platform that positions us to not only match users, but track large volumes of macro-data and deliver accurate reports on trends and shifts of investor behavior and product flow in the market. You see patterns as they unfold, not months later in a quarterly report.


Capital allocators value their time. With thousands of deals sent to them weekly, investors rely on us to intelligently vet opportunities so that only relevant deals are brought to their attention.

Institutional Investors

Public Pensions, Private Pensions, Endowments, Foundations, Insurance Companies, Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Private Investors

Single Family Offices, Multi-family Offices, Registered Investment Advisors, Hedge Funds, Corporations, and Accredited Individual Investors.


Consultants, Estate Planners, Investment Advisors, Outsourced CIOs.

Capital Raisers

Direct Capital raisers are looking for ways to meet new investors and reduce their cost of new investor acquisition. Instead of chasing down uninterested investors and wasting time and money, Nvestiv shows them the 'low hanging fruit' based on the urgent needs of the investors.

Real Estate Firms

Multi-family, Commercial, Mixed Use, Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Manufactured Housing, Senior Housing, Student Housing, Healthcare/Medical, Storage, Masterplanned Communities, Agricultural, Land Development, etc.

Private Debt

Project Financing, Structured Financing, Hard Money Loans, Mezzanine, Bridge, etc.

Venture Capital

Biotech, Health/Pharma, Tech, FinTech, Lifestyle, AgTech, E-sports, etc.


Pre-seed, Seed, Early Stage, Mid-stage, Late-stage. Across all verticals.


Food, Oil & Gas, Solar, Biofuels, Timber, Precious Metals, Agriculture, etc.

3rd Party Marketers

There are only 24 hours in a day. That means there is only so much you can get done by hand, and we know amount of work that goes into connecting the right parties together. Brokers and placement agents use Nvestiv to manage their front-end legwork and do in seconds what would take them weeks to complete on their own.

Capital Raisers

Placement Agents, Brokers, Advisors, Consultants

Deal Support

Legal, Accounting, Fund Administrators, Advisors, Consultants, Outsourced CIOs

Real Estate Support

Brokers, Property Managers, Developers