How often do you have to hear these words? 1 in 97 conversations with investors lead to a cheque written. Sophisticated investors cannot be convinced to allocate to your idea. They have set mandates and investment criteria, and are ONLY looking for deals that fit their parameters.

Nvestiv IRIS MATCHES your investment offering with only the investors that are SPECIFICALLY looking for your strategy.

"Interesting Idea. Come Back to us again in a year"

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Why Sponsors raise through Nvestiv

Nvestiv Chief Executive Officer and President of Hassan Family Office Saad Hassan believes that capital raising is a demand-driven exercise. The name of the game is to identify the right audience and not waste time on investors that will never invest in the type of deal.

The Key Is Disqualification

Many investors have specific non-starters, including:

  • 1) No First Time Funds
  • 2) Direct Deals Only
  • 3) Tax Incentivized Strategies
  • 4) Impact Investments

Nvestiv IRIS studies the nuances of your Investment Offering and saves you TIME and MONEY by eliminating leads that are unlikely to allocate.

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Our Investors

Private Capital expand icon

Ultra High Net-worth Individuals, Single Family Offices, Multi-family Offices, Registered Investment Advisors, Corporations, and Accredited Individual Investors.

Institutional expand icon

Venture Capital, Public Pensions, Private Pensions, Endowments, Foundations, Insurance Companies, Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds, Banks, SPACs, Sovereign Wealth Funds.

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Investment Consultants, Outsourced CIOs, Advisors

Why Issuers Raise Capital Through Nvestiv IRIS

Investor demand drives our manager selection process.

Investors complete 85+ touchpoint questions that determine their investment appetite, which when aggregated, shows a clear picture of what types of opportunities are in demand on the IRIS and what's undesirable to our network of investors.

Nvestiv approves your application to be posted on the IRIS ONLY if there is a real demand for your strategy.

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24 hours in a day. Spend your time speaking to the right people.

Every sponsor, has a database of thousands of investors' names and numbers but no one has the time to pitch them all. Every call you make as a sponsor has an opportunity cost of another investor you could have called instead, who might have been a better use of your time. Research shows 1 in 97 pitches lead to a cheque written using traditional means.

If the process is pure, the outcome will also be pure. Nvestiv IRIS streamlines your process so you get better results!

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Be careful who you wine and dine in search of an allocation

There are hard and soft costs associated with raising capital. From marketing and attending events to entertaining a potential investor and building a relationship, there are real and necessary costs involved in closing a deal. Smart companies are selective about who they spend their money on, who they develope a relationship with they don't waste money chasing down time wasters.

Nvestiv IRIS saves you money by showing you which investors have real interest in your deals and let's you focus your efforts on the right allocator.

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Cut through the noise by being in a non competitive spotlight

Lets face it- there are hundreds of sponsors that do exactly what you do. How do you differentiate yourself to the right investors? Nvestiv IRIS has limited spots for each strategy and geographic focus, creating scarcity within the platform for your category and offering. We do not over saturate one strategy and avoid internal competition among opportunities.

Nvestiv IRIS is selective about manager selection, but once selected, highlights your opportunities as a needle in the haystack.

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A powerful CRM tool that lets you track everything about your investors

Most CRMs only let you track sales progress with your investors. Before Nvestiv, there was no way to programmatically store investor mandates and investment criteria as part of your records. The days of using spreadsheets to keep your records are gone.

Nvestiv is a powerful client management tool that is specific to the Investment Industry.

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Nvestiv IRIS gives you the power to traverse borders and access elite deals not available to anyone outside our exclusive network. Discover what secrets 2322+ Investors worldwide have already been taking advantage of.

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Our Clients

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Single Family, Multi Family, Senior Housing, Student Housing, Hospitality, Hotels, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Manufactured Housing, Retail, Industrial, Master-planned Communities, Land, New Developments, Net Lease.

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Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds

Special Purpose Vehicles

Hedge Funds




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Real Estate Properties Construction of Energy & Manufacturing Buyouts of Mining and Energy Businesses