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Investors wake up to thousands of unread emails in their inbox on a daily basis- much of which are dealflow and pitches.

The challenge is managing the time required to read every email and the fear of missing out on a great opportunity hidden in the pile of "untouchables".

Nvestiv LEARNS your investment criteria, and only shows you deals that are a perfect fit for you!

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Why Investors allocate using Nvestiv

Nvestiv Chief Executive Officer and President of Hassan Family Office Saad Hassan believes that prominent Investors want the flexibility to do business EFFICIENTLY and PRIVATELY.

Why 4500+ Investors Rely On Nvestiv IRIS

Investor like to work with other Investors.

Whether to mitigate risk in deals by sharing the load or to brainstorm ideas, our Investors like to rely on each other and tap into their vast collective resources. Nvestiv hosts thought leadership and collaborative mastermind sessions, fireside chats, and other allocator-only sessions

Nvestiv IRIS LEARNS your investment criteria, and only shows you deals that are a perfect fit for you!

Time is the most precious resource for investors

Investors are used to receiving hundreds of opportunities daily by issuers who pitch them dealflow either by email, phone, in person, etc. There are not enough hours in a day to be able to review every deck- and that leads to missed opportunities. Investors want a streamlined way of finding "diamond in the rough" deals without having to spend hours in front of their computers.

Nvestiv IRIS provides investors a portal to view only relevant deals, and eliminates the need for them to look at unqualified pitches.

Qualifying deal flow is expensive

As investor organizations become larger, they need to hire staff and services to qualify the increased load of opportunities that come their way. Payroll is a significant cost associated with deal sourcing and investors are always looking to streamline their analysts' workload to make better use of their resources.

Nvestiv IRIS allows collaboration of entire teams within an organization to centralize and simplify qualifying opportunities.

Investors like to connect with other like-minded Investors

Investors like to grow their networks of other investors, high net worth individuals, service providers, and connected individuals for business and personal activities. There is a comfort drawn from belonging to a group of individuals that understand the lifestyle and challenges that are unique to their day to day lives.

Nvestiv IRIS is an international ecosystem to affluent individuals, companies, and services that all work together to conduct business and further personal and family objectives.

Sadly, most investors are limited to excel sheets to track their investments

Investors track a lot of data about their investments, much of which on spreadsheets due to the lack of available options. The existing software solutions are fragmented between deal sourcing and deal managing and does not provide a cohesive one stop shop for investors.

Nvestiv combines a powerful CRM, Capital Raising Portal, and Deal Management Portal to give investors a complete solution for managing their investments on the cloud.

Privacy is Paramount

Family Offices don't want to be found. Nor do Institutional Investors.

Being able to browse and identify dealflow anonymously is the most important requirement of our investors.

Nvestiv gives Investors the power to review all deals thoroughly before having to accept Connection requests. You control who can see your data and identity.

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